C.V.N.E. was founded in 1879 by the brothers Eusebio and Raimundo Real de Asúa and a local associate, Isidro Corcuera, in Haro, Rioja’s cradle.

First exports to Europe and the Americas start in the early 1880’s. First awards in Barcelona (1888), London (1889), Brussels (1897)and Paris Universal Expositions (1900). Between 1879 and 1930 CVNE sets the Rioja Alta (IMPERIAL & CUNE, and Rioja Alavesa (VIÑA REAL) concepts using Bordeaux and Burgundy as models of paths to excellence in wines. In 1973 CVNE opens a new path towards excellence in wines creating CONTINO, the fist single-estate in Rioja.

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